This Month in Photos: 06/2018

snapseed-93Around the world, June 1st is the International Day for Child Protection, or in Mongolia, “Children’s Day.” Mongolia started celebrating in 1925 and since then, kids have been waiting eagerly for their sweet treats and annual gifts. I thought FOR SURE the turnout would be low for our celebration when it was met with severe winds and a dust storm. But, like almost all things ever, I was wrong! The kids came out en masse, and once the wind died down enough, all seats in the amusement park were happily populated.  Continue reading

Project Highlight: Air Pollution

Air pollution is a large and visible problem in most provincial capitals in Mongolia. This is a somewhat unique problem considering Mongolia is one of the most sparsely populated countries. The issue, though, arises in capital cities with densely populated ger districts. In this post I will discuss the science of pollution, why it’s especially bad in Mongolia, and go in-depth about the project we implemented to help educate and distribute air-pollution masks to students in Arvaikheer.

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